Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Mental Edge of Ski Logging

When we put together, we weren't just trying to create something that you'd have to waste your time with every time after you skied. The mental exercise of remembering and recording your progress after every set gives you a chance to reflect on your skiing in a way that you would never do if you didn't have to record what happened.

Similarly, I talk to a lot of people who simply "don't have enough time" or "can't get to a computer" or "don't get home from the lake until 10PM". Well, quit your whining! It takes 5 minutes to write down your progress. In those 5 minutes, you'll learn enough about what you accomplished on the water that day to make real improvement over time. Without analyzing your skiing, you are going to go out and commit the same errors over and over again.

MySkiLog also requires you to save your ski settings. "Wow, I'm not that good a skier, I don't need to record my settings". Wrong. That's like saying "I'm not a good enough driver so I don't need to get an oil change". Chances are without that oil change you won't be driving far.


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