Evolve 2 (or Momentum 3) Growing Weapons

"How did these fish grow weapons?" was the question posed by the
Discovery Channel when their computer generated history of the earth
special showed fish evolving.

Next up for Edge Productions is a new style of video that will pair
skier's segments with some sort of instructional voice over.

PJ MacMillan director / filmer extraordinaire said "We're going to
take each segment and talk to the skier about whatever they want to
talk about. Jason Hutchins is going to be talking about the
misconception of direction. Jamie is going to talk about some
stuff... Marcus and Terry are planning their own thing but we'll see
where it goes".


Smoky Mountain Expressway


Maybe don't try this at your house....


My Ski Log at 1.0

A quick color swap and some improved functionality and we're finally at version 1.0!

Thanks to everyone who has helped along the way. As of right now:

Most Logged Sets

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41 WadeWilliams
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Trakker Pylon Mount for WaterSkiing and Wakeboarding

Buy It Now

The newest model from Trakker Mounts is the P4. This is a simple, effective tool for making it easy to film all your passes.

The P4 comes with a variety of different plastic cuffs that are placed in between the pylon and the mount in order to achieve the proper size and angle for your shots. Setting up the P4 is easy -- it took all of about 5 minutes.

With only one vertical arm to hold the camera, this is by far the easiest Trakker to use yet. Older models were cumbersome to work with when it was time to shorten the line. The latest P4 is a great improvement on the old design.

The video below is shot using the P4 and a camera without any image stabilization technology. As you can see, the camera does shake for a split second in the event of a slack hit, but if you have a camera with image stabilization you'll probably have even more success.

This is a great way to film you and your ski partners, even if there are only two of you in the boat at a time! With a little bit of technology, you can upload your video to the computer and then deliver it straight to us for virtual coaching.

The Trakker Pylon Mount


Blue Sky Sports Warp Skis Added

We have atleast one member who has one of the new Warp 9 skis on order, so we've added to the database this week. Later today we'll put up the recommended (factory) settings. 




The Balanced Approach by Chris Rossi

Studying this week's article by Chris Rossi will help your slalom. For Sure.

The Balanced Approach

Free for members to view!


Temporary Outages Seem Like No Big Deal

Turns out that the gridserver was working perfectly all morning. On my internet connection here in Orlando I couldn't access the site all morning. Sorry if anyone else had a bad experience with this. It seems like it was a local ISP that was unable to connect to our server for some reason.

Anyways, just made some updates to the meta information on the site, which should help our Google search ranking.

Thanks for reading!


Server Down

For reasons beyond our control, our gridserver has crashed temporarily. Engineers are working as we speak to bring the site back up. Sorry for this inconvenience.

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