Trent Finlayson Added to PSC Pros

Happy to announce today that Trent Finlayson has signed up as one of our PSC-Pros. This means that you can log on to Trent's Pro Ski Coach Page and get personalized coaching straight from this horse's mouth.

We'll be restructuring all of the Pro's coaching profiles here in the coming week or so, to include more photos and videos of each of them.

We'll also be adding a little bit more information about how the lesson actually works. Here's a short synopsis.


Log On to ProSkiCoach.com
Click on "COACHING" and select the Pro Ski Coach you want to learn from.

Pay for your lesson - there are two levels right now:
Clinic includes 3 Videos, 6 Dialog Comments, 3 Lesson Keys, and a 20 minute phone call with your pro.
Lesson includes 2 videos, 4 dialog comments, and 3 lesson keys.

What are you paying for?? You're paying for a personalized, private lesson with your Pro Ski Coach. Think of it as a full feature instructional article -- all about your skiing. You can upload either 2 or 3 videos of your skiing. Each video will have a back-and-forth dialog from you and from your coach.

*Your coach's first dialog comment will be a minimum of 400 words -- so you know that you are purchasing a comprehensive lesson.

Your coach will simplify the lesson for you by giving you 3 lesson keys - the most important things you need to be focusing on to bring your skiing to the next level.

Dependent on how many videos you selected for your lesson, we encourage you to ski a few sets after you complete your first back-and-forth dialog with your coach. You should have plenty of things to work on by that point to go out and get some skiing in. Come back in a couple sets with some new video, and your coach will surely be able to bring you to the next level.

**Keep track of your progress during the lesson in MySkiLog -- all of your ski information becomes directly available to your Pro Ski Coach when you use the ski log. This means all of your fin and boot settings, as well as your recent skiing history is right there within your lesson for your pro to see. With this added insight, we can garantee that you will learn a lot with this system!

Once all of your dialog comments with your coach are complete, your lesson will be locked -- but it will still live online, available for you to check out at any time, simply by logging into the website.


Now, Find us on Facebook and Twitter

In the forthcoming update that you can test for yourself at pskic.com, we've made some minor changes to the footer... but we've also created a new Facebook Page. So when you get bored checking out our website and you just have to log into Facebook, and then you get bored with Facebook, you can check out our page on Facebook. It's kinda like a reach around, but different. Be sure to tell all your little webby friends to become a fan!

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Reflex Skis Added, Updates Forthcoming

Colin spent all afternoon yesterday picking and prodding at the new Reflex Skis that had to be added to the skis database. After all his hard work, we now officially support 360 different slalom skis! Exciting stuff, for sure.

After a short Wednesday night clinic in Ohio, I'm back to Boston. With the tropical wave that has recently blown onto shore, it doesn't look like much sunshine is in store for the northeast at this point.

Summer is always a delicate balance of getting it done both on and off the water. Balance is the challenge, of course, and the goal. Typically what happens is I spend too much time in the boat and at the lake, and not enough time at the computer fighting the uphill battle that is ProSkiCoach.com.

I was lucky enough to convince my girlfriend Alicia to drive all the way across Pennsylvania today, which gave me ample time on the computer to catch up with work that should have been done some time ago.

So, as much of a cliché it is, I'll say it once more: Stay tuned for updates, forthcoming!


Pro Ski Coach :: Slalom Articles


"Ace" Lands his Plane on Canadian Highways... for Fun.

Some of you who visited SkiTek in spring of 2009 may have met Jarad Panarello -- he was the guy staying in the tent down the side of Lake 1. You may have also learned that he is a pilot, mostly snapping photos of trees for Google in Canada.

Well yesterday was just another day at the office, oil pressure went to zero during mid flight. I suppose the oil pressure being low wasn't as concerning as the fact that most of the oil was on the windshield at the time.

So Jarad went ahead and put the plane down in the middle of a highway. Alongside cars traveling at 60mph. Sounds like fun!

Of course the kicker is the $3,000 bill for the tow truck.


Regina Jaquess Ties World Slalom Record; Breaks Overall

Regina had some great skiing this past weekend at Cory Picos' site - running 1@41 off, tricking and jumping her way to an overall record as well!

Here's the video courtesy Adam Sedlmajer

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