Evolving with Demand: MySQL Container Added

You probably wouldn't have noticed, but we upgraded our server earlier today!

Some folks may have been experiencing intermittent errors on some pages due to the fact we used a Shared Sever infastructure, which shares resources among a number of users.

Our site has grown, both in the size of the Forum database, and with the recent addition of MySkiLog and the new Slalom Ski Guide, this new container should give us the resources we need to serve you up exactly what you're looking for!


Rossi's New Article: Achieve your Fitness Goals

Just posted in the Slalom Articles section at ProSkiCoach.com:



10th Set of 2009


1,000 Members

We picked up our 1,000th member this afternoon!




Save your Settings first!

With the new update, we're tracking your boots as well.

For folks who had their ski log set up before this update, you need to
do one thing before you log a set. To keep you log accurate, you need
to save your curtent ski settings. This will log your new boots with
your set.

If you started your log after this update, this won't effect you.


New Mobile Browser Support

Just updated over night, in addition to all the other new things going on at Pro Ski Coach, we've added some better support for older browsers and newer mobile browsers. Clients who are running low desktop resolution will see that the site now accurately fits inside their browser, rather than blowing out over to the right hand side. Conversely, if you browse on an iPhone or other mobile device you'll be able to see a light-weight, better formated page for your convenience.

My Ski Log works great over the cell phone -- even on less advanced text-only browsers. Try it out today! This way you can keep your log up-to-date, up-to-the-minute.


New Update Testing

Please, if you do come across anything that seems astray with the latest updates, let me know through the Support Forum or the Contact Link. I'm committed to seeing this thing through, and I need your help to do it.


Ski Log Updates, Boots, Ski Settings IDs and Normalization

The Ski Log has a hefty update served with the latest round of uploads.

The first time you log into your ski log after these updates you'll be asked to enter you boots. You will have "boot combos" available for you to put on your skis. You'll need to take the time to do this first before you can move on to logging a set, or any other function in the log.

The more exciting new feature is that from now on, when you log your sets, My Ski Log will automatically record your ski settings in your ski log for easy reference. You'll be able to track what settings you skied each set with, and read the comments on your settings right next to your training log archive.

There are still some other small tweaks that need to be done, but for the most part the ski log is looking good!

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, please don't hesitate to post in the Support Forum


Introducing the new Skis Section

Newly uploaded (and available now!) is the new Skis Section. This is the final product of the Skis Database that we started last year. So far we have nearly every late model ski available in the database.

In this new section, we are offering a Comprehensive Slalom Ski Guide that includes our recommended settings for each ski, plus Pro Ski Coach user-generated Slalom Ski Reviews and Ratings.

You can rate each ski from 1 to 6 buoys. This is just a rating system, this has nothing to do with how many buoys you might ski on the ski :-).

If you're logged in with your account, you can write your own review of your ski. In the future this will be come a great resource for prospective ski buyers.

The recommended settings that you can find in the skis section are, for the most part, manufacturer's recommended settings. In a few distinct cases, for example the 2008 F1, we're recommending our own settings. In the future we will be offering highest user-ranked settings and also average settings for the folks out there who are using My Ski Log to record their settings.

So, you see, we've been pretty busy this winter!

If you haven't started a ski log yet, go ahead and get on that! Adding your settings to your log will help us give better recommended settings in the future!


The New PSC

It's about time!

I'm starting updates now at about 12:30 eastern. Hopefully this will go smoothly and I can go to bed soon. In the meantime I'm redirecting the homepage here to the blog.

Stay tuned for a bunch of new stuff!


A few weeks later...

There's always something new online. With billions of pages and millions more added every day, there's certainly no shortage of information out there.

Personally I have a bunch of sites that I reguarly check for updates. Hopefully our site is on your bookmark list, too.

Its easy to get distracted and find myself unable to commit time to all the Projects I have going at once. It's not really any different from a challenging courseload in college. There are so many things that you need to accomplish, and only so much time to complete those tasks.

So for the past two weeks I found myself with a few projects that absolutely had to be completed (taxes, coaching waterskiing) and that took prescrdence over the forthcoming site updates that I keep mentioning.

So, no excuses. This is the week for updates!


That Growling in your Stomach... Updates Forthcoming

With a cold front blowing through Florida this weekend, the wind has been whipped up and the temperatures plummeted. The water temp at SKitEk is hovering around 65 degrees, ready to shift in any direction that the whether tells it to.

IN the meantime, ski log updates are coming one after another at PSKIC.com if you look hard enough. Looking to upgrade the main site later on this week.

The Skis Database has taken off to a level I never really intended it to. We've got folks adding skis daily, which is a great problem to have. Last week we added our 200th Ski to the DB. This has driven us to excel into new territory. Stay tuned to Pro Ski Coach when we release the new Skis Section later this week. You'll be able to find recommended settings for over 125 of the most popular slalom skis... and you'll even be able to write your very own review on your ski. Sick!!


FifteenOff.com Nails It

NOTHING but the gate. No butt-out, counter rotation, shoulders level, eyes level, look ahead, reach for your pocket, line tight, elbows in, handle to the hip, soft knees, let-the-ski-finish, straight arms, loose arms, don't-pull-with-arms, ski-in-front-of-you, chest up, chest out, navel-forward, open-to-the-boat, etc. Nothing else. Nada. Not one other tip.

Hmm.... weird! Maybe we've stumbled upon something of some importance here.

The bottom line is the gate sets up everything that is to follow in the slalom course. Bad gates = bad 1 = super bad 2, and if you're a really, really good skier, 3 will be a re-set buoy and you'll get out of the pass OK. Ofcourse, if you're not a total rockstar on the water you've probably been getting slack at 1 and two the whole time trying to figure out how you can charge your gate harder to make up for your shortcomings.

Newsflash: Waterskiing is not Easy. Furthermore, what's really not easy is that what's hard is in fact easy. Keep blasting into the gate with all your might like it's the most important thing in the world and see what happens. If find with a lot of skiers, the harder they try to nail the gate perfectly, the less perfect they come into one.

People make way too much of a deal of the flappers at the beginning of the course. Why do you feel late or early when you ski? Is it because the buoys are drifting earlier or later during the course of the pass? No! It's always due to the placement of the boat.

Where is the boat where you're skiing? Do you know? If you don't know, and you're just shooting that gate like there's no tomorrow, stop, pull your head out of the pondweed, and Read Up.

Learn more on gates by Visiting SkiTek This Spring! I know the economy sucks. All the better reason to ignore work and hit the water. What you'll learn at sKITEk this Spring will push you to the next level.

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