Mens Slalom Pictures: 51st Masters Tournament

Making the Cut for Men's Slalom:
Jamie Beauchesne 4.5@39
Nick Parsons 3@39
Thomas Degasperi 3@39
Will Asher 2@39 (Beat Parrish in Run Off)

Women's Slalom:
Whitney McClintock 4@38
Karina Nowlan 4@38
Regina Jaquess 3@38
Karen Truelove 3@38

Check back later for more pictures and updates from the Masters.


Blast from the Past: Jamie B Wins Indy 2001

Over the past few weeks I've been tinkering away at a new videos section that will launch here on ProSkiCoach.com in the near future. During this process I've had the pleasure of sifting through years of video files on my computer and I came across this little jem... Jamie B winning his first Pro Event, circa 2001 at Indianapolis. Enjoy!

35 off from the regular tournament round:

Cold 39 in the Run Off with Andy Mapple

2@41 Wins it


Supercross World Champ Heath Voss on MBTV!!

2004 Supercross World Champion, Team SYNDICATE Rider and Medina County goat roping runner-up, Heath Voss will be joining Marcus this Monday Night, May 17th at the usual time (6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern).

Earlier in 2010 he bagged a couple big Supercross wins overseas, in Liverpool and again in London. Now he'll join us Live from "The Compound" in Mico Texas, just a few short steps from the crystal clear waters of Medina Lake,....and fill us in, once and for all, on Who he is, Why we should care, and What the HELL riding a dirt bike has to do with laying down turns on a shred stick!

Don't miss this one!

http://www.pskic.com/chat or http://www.MarcusBrown.tv


Summer Shootout League Starts May 31

Just a few short weeks remain until the start of our first annual online water ski tournament. Teams will go head to head on a weekly basis and compete for the top spot. The highest ranked teams at the end of the regular season will be invited to H2Osmosis in Charleston, SC to compete for the league Championship!

To get started, log your sets using YourSkiLog. You'll get a Ski Log Ranking that includes a personal profile page where you can leave comments and check out what other skiers are riding.

You don't have to be a shortline skier to compete in the Summer Shootout. We'll use a handicap system to level the playing field for everyone involved. So get together with your ski partners and get organized! The shootout starts May 31.


Obama Administration Receives Invitation to Water Ski

I always have a mineature panic attack any time I get a phone call from a "UNKNOWN" phone number. Caller ID these days usually gives you a good heads up of who's on the other line before you answer... but these Unknown and Restricted numbers always make you do a double take. Have I payed my Credit Card bill? Is my bank account overdrawn?

This was my train of thought when I recevied one such call from, UNKNOWN. Turns out that the call came from the White House. They were looking for one Corey Humburg. I was instructed that the Obama Administration has received his invitation for the President to come rip a set at Corey's new Ski School in Virginia, Peace Love and Water Skiing. Should any time become available during the duration of the President's term, he'll be psyched to come hit the water


Cris Kodiak on MarcusBrown.TV Monday May 3

Tonight for this week's installment of MarcusBrown.Tv, Collegiate Water Ski Guru Cris Kodiak shares his insights on our sport, our industry, the success of College Skiing in the Midwest, and just about anything else we can throw at him. Check it out tonight at 9PM Eastern, 6 Pacific.

Tell your friends about this event! I know that the Boston Bruins and the Philadelphia Flyers are on at about that same time, but priorities, people. Get the word out about our web show and look forward to improvements we'll be making in the coming episodes.

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