Dress Up Your Ski with a SkiSkin!

PBR Water Ski
Ski designs now adays are looking pretty hot... graphics like the new Connelly Prophecy and Radar Strata are rocking the ski world. But what can you do with your 'old faithful' stick that you just can't get rid of?

Well you could give it a new look for 2010 with one of Terry Winter's original SkiSkinz. I had Terry put one together for an older HO ski that we gave to Pabst Blue Ribbon beer in an effort to get them to step up to sponsor the pro ski tour.

This was my own first-hand experience with the SkiSkinz, and I have to say that it came out incredible. We took a ski from 2005, and it looked brand new after a quick, 15-minute application.

The toughest part about installing the SkiSkin is cutting around the edge of the graphic to make it match your ski. The high quality vinyl stickers that Terry produces come well over sized, so you'll have plenty of excess no matter what size ski you're using. No need to worry though -- this was my first try with a SkiSkin and it came out looking great. He's even making them for jumpers!

This is a great way to make your old classic slalom look brand new again. Terry can make custom designs, or you could choose from one of the ones in his gallery.

Highly recommended.


More Great Off Season Skiing

Luckily some of the best athletes in our sport have finally moved into a phase where they actually don't mind people watching their 41 off practice sets. This week, it's the great one himself.


Ski Log Leaderboard

Throughout 2009, we've logged over 6900 sets. During your visits to the water ski forum at ProSkiCoach.com, You may have noticed the top of the page where the Ski Log Leaderboard has made its home. Well it's gone now -- but it's been reincarnated and is moving in a new direction.

OK-- PFG has skied way more than anyone else this year. Maybe you got a late start with the ski log and never had the chance to catch up to him on the Most Logged Sets Ranking.

So we've added another layer to the leaderboard... Divisions, and rankings based on your average logged score. You need to more than 10 sets logged to make the cut for the league. At that point we'll average your scores and you'll be automatically placed in the division that you're skiing at.

If you're ranked on the lower end of your division -- that's great! That means you've been skiing consistently enough to step up to that faster speed or shorter line length. If you're at the top of your division -- even better! This means that you're that close to moving up onto that next level.

I think this is going to evolve into something really cool. Something that we can use to help push each other, and add another layer of fun to what already is the most addicting sport out there.

The best part of this ski league that we're conceiving is that it automatically enters and scores you simply based on your ski log. If you've kept a paper log, it might be worth your time to log in some of those old sets.

Ofcourse, there's plenty more in the works this winter... looking forward to an amazing 2010 season!



Rossi Killing it in November

Someone has been working on their skiing hard this year!

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