Trent Finlayson on MarcusBrown.Tv Tonight

This week's web show is tonight, Sunday February 28th. Marcus Brown is traveling to Australia tomorrow for the 50th Moomba Masters, so our weekly chat is a day early.

Trent Finlayson has promised to make an appearance tonight -- so expect to see him live with Marcus at 6PM Pacific, 9PM Eastern.

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Summer Shootout Team Tournament of Champions

No Ski League is complete without it's own Championship Event. USAWS Has Nationals, NCWSA Has All-Stars, INT Has Championships... and the Summer Shootout League has the Team Tournament of Champions (name under review).

What is this?

The Top Teams at the end of the Summer Shootout Will be Invited to Participate in a Team Championship Tournament. The Team Tournament is tentatively set for the weekend of September 24, 2010 at the H2Osmosis Training Center in Charleston, SC. Details are in the works, but it will be a multiple-round elimination tournament featuring the best 2-4 teams from the Summer Shootout.

There are already teams from New Hampshire, South Carolina, Georgia, Canada, and Utah. There's been interest from California, Oregon, Michigan, Tennesee and Minnesota... as well as the Midwest and Toronto.

The Summer Shootout League is scored by a handicapping system that awards skiers who are able to improve their scores from week to week. The league exists for you to have fun with your friends, outside the formality of USAWS-style competitions. Let's have some fun, get excited about skiing, and grow the sport in the process.

So get your Power User subscription, dial in your ski log, and create or join a team today!. The clock is ticking until the league kicks off May 31st.


Wade Williams on MarcusBrown.Tv Tonight

Wade Williams will be live this evening with Marcus Brown on our weekly live web show. Tune into the Pro Ski Coach Chat to participate, tonight at 9PM Eastern, 6 Pacific.


Summer Shootout League Filling Up

Only 100 Days Remain to sign up for our Summer Shootout League. Scoring starts up on May 31, 2010. So far there are 6 teams, with about 15 skiers signed up so far:

Slalom Snipers
New Hampshire Long Pondering
Pigeon Lake Water Ski Bouy Killers
South Carolina H2OZSkiers
Utah Slalom Saints
Whitestone Deliverance

Create a Team Today!


MB Live Featuring Personal Trainer Jenny LaBaw

This week's webcast featured personal trainer Jenny LaBaw. It's packed with fitness info, stretches and exercises specific for waterskiers.


Marcus Brown Live from Utah Boat Show

Tune in Monday Night to see the latest installment of Marcus Brown's Face to Face Webcast. We'll be watching it in the Pro Ski Coach Chatbox -- 9PM Eastern, 6PM Pacific.

Marcus made a quick broadcast from the Utah Boat show -- he shows off the new HO Exo boots and talks with exhibitors from the show.


Ski Log Analytics Available Now

Ski Log AnalyticsIf you've Subscribed as a Power User, you can now access Ski Log Analytics. This feature of Your Ski Log lets you visualize all of your logged sets over time. By Clicking and Dragging over the chart, you can zoom into any section of your logged skiing. Clicking on an individual score pulls up that set right below the chart - where you can see your ski settings, the conditions you skied in, and all the other details you saved for that set.

This new feature is still in brand new, and support for older versions of Internet Exploder is in questionable. It works great in FireFox, Safari and Google Chrome. If you have any problems viewing your Analytics, please post in the Support Forum.


Schnitz Stirs The Pot: Message Board Poll


How the Summer Shootout League Works

We're still working out the details for this Summer's team ski league event. Here's what we're thinking so far. Please give us feedback on the Summer Shootout Forum.

-> Individuals will be scored based on their performance over their Ski Log Average, or SLA.
-> Any skier without a Ski Log Average (SLA) will have their SLA set after the first week of skiing. This means that if you don't have a SLA, your first week's score will be a zero.
-> If you ski above your SLA, you'll have a positive score. If you don't ski up to your potential, you'll have a negative score.

-> To Compete, you'll have to ski in a local Shootout Event.
-> Anyone can organize a Summer Shootout Event - you just need at least 3 skiers.
-> You can organize your shootout for any time of the week, at whatever site you want.
-> USAWS, INT League, or other organized ski tournaments may count as Shootout Events
-> Skiers at a Shootout Event don't have to be on the same team, but they can be.
-> Each skier will need to ski in a Shootout Event to get their weekly score.
-> If you can't make a Shootout Event, we'll dock your score 5% for skiing by yourself.
-> To remove the incentive to ski on a pristine public lake, we'll award a Handicap Differential to any Shootout Event in which all the skiers average below their SLA. So if the conditions are a factor, we'll balance this out.

-> Team scores will be composed of the best individual's scores on each team. So if a skier on your team can't get a set in, or skis poorly in any one week, the rest of your team can pick up the slack.

-> Anyone can create or join a team. We're encouraging regional teams, but the league is open to anyone.

-> You have to be a Power User to participate.


MB Face to Face # 6, Monday Feb 8

Tomorrow evening we'll have Marucs' next webshow installment. This week's guest host will be Todd Ristocelli, Pro Skier and editor of the Water Ski Magazine.

After a couple hours of tweaking and testing today, it looks like this week's webcast will be the best one yet -- we've eliminated the Echo-echo-echo-echo that was there last week, and the Picture in Picture viewing of our Guest Co-Host is working much better now!

Tune in at 6PM Pacific, 9PM Eastern to see the show in the ChatBox.


The Inside Edge with Will Asher

Water Ski Magazine has debuted their first installment of their newest feature, "The Inside Edge". In this video, Will Asher critiques some of his own skiing.


Fireside Video Chat with Marcus Brown and Seth Stisher

Monday, February 1st at 9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific, -- in case you missed it, here's the video from the ChatBox.

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