Rossi Qualifies for Masters with 3@41

Yesterday at the Masters Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) Event, some of the best skiers in the world came together at Jack Travers' Sunset Lakes. Jennifier Leachman posted a huge score of 2@39 early in the morning, narrowly missing the qualifying score of 3@39 for the women.

Rossi showed up ready to go for the first round, skiing around all 3 at 41 off.


The New Water Ski Math

Schnitz made a great post on his Site talking about how everyone thinks that 3+3=7.

I have experienced this with all sorts of skiers who are convinced that a part of what they are doing already is the 'right' way to ski.

So we're discussing it on the forum: The New Water Ski Math

Ofcourse, the reason that we're putting so much effort into this site in the first place is to help people realize that 3+3 actually, in fact, = 6.


Swiss Ski School First Round Results 5/3/09

Swiss Ski School Round 1

Karina Nowlan 3@38

Kurt Hinz 1.5@39
Thomas Degasperi 4@39
Ty Oppenlander 4@39
Will Asher .5@41


Scores from West Palm, Saturday May 2nd 2009

The Open Men's field at Okeeheelee Park this weekend consisted of Jason McClintock and Chris Rossi.

First Round

Jason McClintock 1.5@41
Chris Rossi 4.5@39

Second Round

Jason McClintock 1.5@41
Chris Rossi 3@41

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