Rossi Wins Princes Pro Am!

Chris Rossi wins Ski Full Stretch Princes Pro Am
Continuing a streak of great skiing this month, Chris Rossi took home his first bona fide pro event victory this weekend at the Ski Full Stretch Princes Pro Am. Chris ran 39 in an earlier set, but rounded 2 at 39 off for the victory.

Congrats, Chris!


Virtual Clinics Now Include Up To 4 Videos

Due to popular demand, we've added another video space for the Clinic Level Lesson. Now you can link up to 4 videos for your coach to watch.

Pro Ski Coach Virtual Coaching


Malibu Boats Resigns with INT League!

Malibu Boats Partners with INT in 2010!

Seattle, WA (August 25, 2009) The INT League and Malibu Boats are excited to announce that we are partnering for the next three seasons to host amateur and pro wakeboard, wakeskate, waterski and kneedboard events. Malibu has partnered with INT as an official tow boat sponsor for several years now and was the first boat manufacturer to re-sign their 2010 agreement at Surf Expo last week.
(Excerpt from the INT newsletter)


Should USAWS become USAWSWB?

Apparently the International Water Ski Delegation Congress Bureaucracy met recently to appoint a subcomitte to investigate changing their name from the IWSF to the IWSWBF. Nothing like changing your name to change your image. "The decision was a no-brainer," a delegate was overheard at a press conference immediately following the session.

Clearly the thing to do at this point if you are an organization that considers itself a subset of the international waterski community, is to become filled with self doubt and loathing, and then consider the exact same solution.

From the AWSA South Website:
The issue is now being discussed again by many of our leaders as the wave of the future and have suggested that we should rename USA Water Ski to USA Water Ski & Wakeboard. The thought is that this would be more representative of our organization and present better marketing opportunities for our organization to the general public.

The wave of the Future? I'm sorry, is my watch broken? It's 1995, right?

Let me get this straight. We ignore wakeboarding at first, pretend it doesn't exist, alienate the wakeboarders (granted they are a different breed), and then change the name of AWSA to USAWS (big improvement). Then, we strategically wait for the growth of wakeboarding to die down, and water skiing to begin to go on an upswing. At this point, hit the abort switch and change the name to USAWSWB, in an effort for better marketing opportunites.

If better marketing opportunites are the motives, then why don't we change the name to USA Wakeboard and Water Ski? Heck, why not just eliminate the waterskiing altogether and just call it USA Wake Board. Better yet, we could call it the World Wakeboard Association -- that's much more all inclusive. Plus you could get huge time energy drink sponsors.

Wait... there is a World Wakeboard Assocation? And there membership is only $40 per month? Wow, sounds like a good deal.

Here's the polling results from USAWS's website:


5000 Logged Sets

Celebrating another milestone today, our 5,000th logged set!


Get Your Video to a Pro Coach Today!

It's hard to be positive about your skiing when you think it sucks. I know what it feels like to look at video and think that you were skiing better than you really were. If you do a lesson with one video and then go ski a set before you upload the second, you'll be able to apply the techniques you learn with immediate review.

The truth is, you're never going to be satisfied with the video... even if you ran 2@43... because you'll be ticked you didn't get to 3. It's in the nature of the sport to never be satisfied. Don't wait until the last second this season to jump on the Virtual Coaching while it is still available.

The basic premise of virtual coaching is we know your video is not going to look like a pro skier. We're here to help. Starting your lesson sooner will give you more time to incorporate what you need to do into your skiing. People spend how many thousands of dollars on skis to get a few more buoys... when really all they need is some consistent advice from a pro coach.


Page Load Times Cut in Half Today

Happy to announce that through a couple hours of CSS optimization we brought our load time down by about 50%! Still loading in about 45 seconds on a 33.6 connection, 56k @ about 20 seconds!


2010 Product at Surf Expo


MySkiLog.com Goes Mobile

MySkiLog.com is a free service that lets you record your slalom sets quickly and easily in digital format. Logging your sets online prevents your skiing history from being lost, stolen or sunk -- accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Slalom waterski training log mobile application
Starting this month, we've branched out with a Mobile Version. It works great with the latest blackberry and with the iPhone. We're constantly adding new mobile profiles to accommodate more devices. Now you can keep track of your skiing from anywhere!

The biggest advantage to using MySkiLog.com -- starting today -- is that every set you log records your ski settings right along side. This way, every time you adjust your fin you record the move in your ski log before you ski a set on the new settings. If you're testing different skis or trying to dial in your new stick, this is the easiest and most efficient way to keep track of your progress. And it's free!

Over the winter we'll be adding some new features, including Ski Log Analytics which will let you track your progress over time and a variety of different metrics. The more sets you can save in MySkiLog.com this year, the more information you'll be able to learn over the off-season, when new features become available.


New Layout at MySkiLog.com

After making my absence at Nationals this year, last night turned into an intense upload session that resulted in a brand new layout over MySkiLog.
We've simplified the interface to be slightly less attention-deficit forming. Hopefully you'll be able to focus more energy on logging and learning from your sets with this setup.
The latest update rolls in with a slue of bug fixes in the background. Some of you may immediately notice that your settings history is more accurate, or you might have had a pesky ski in your rack that you couldn't delete. These little fixes and more are already up and running.


USAWS Nationals Full Scorebook

We've made a copy of the 2009 Nationals Scorebook available directly from our homepage:


Dave Wingerter Wins Mens 2

Congrats Dave Wingerter, head of R&D @ HO Sports won Nationals in Men's 2 this year in West Palm Beach


        DETAILS OF RESULTS AND PLACEMENTS       AS OF  15:15  08-14-2009


  1  WINGERTER, DAVE        W  28 REDMOND, WA       4.50 581125 106.50    894.4
  2  SPARKS, BRIAN          S  30 HIXSON, TN        4.50 581125 106.50    894.4
  3  REINKE, BRYAN          W  26 LAKEWOOD, CO      4.00 581125 106.00    878.1
  4  KUSIAK, MICHAEL        W  30 RIO LINDA, CA     2.00 581125 104.00    815.5
  5  SURDEJ, JEFF           M  32 WILMINGTON, IL    1.00 581125 103.00    785.6


Big Dog Finale, Webcast TV Stlye

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Was what I got the first time I went to www.webcast-tv.com

After that, it was a painfully slow experience to try to make any progress in catching the Big Dog this evening. Did anyone manage to view it OK? I watched the Nautique add enough times that I am convinced I absolutely have to buy one.


New HO Bindings at Nationals

HO Sports is pushing the market along to the next level with their evolutionary releasable binding system.

The snow-ski-like rail release system incorporates a dual-spring release in the back with a front release unit that has no moving parts. There is a lip on the front of a hollow rail-plate that slides into the front release. Front-binding flex is meant to stop at a point, in case of a fall, that should overpower the rear release springs and result in a release.

Overall the system looks solid. We're looking forward to seeing the production model.


Ski Log Analytics

Eight months into the launch of MySkiLog.com, we've logged over 4,500 sets. The number keeps on getting bigger every day!

Despite how many people are getting into the necessary habbit of logging their ski sets, there are still an unreasonable number of Pro Ski Coach members out there who still don't log their sets -- Or even worse, folks who haven't even set up their Free Ski Log!

Sure, you're busy -- but with an entire season's worth of sets logged in our database, next year we will be debuting Ski Log Analytics, which will let you search and assess your sets from 2009. If you're not logging your sets already, start today for free!

By 2010, you'll be able to check what your average fin settings were, your fin settings in differnent water temps, air temps, and conditions, what your average score was in those conditions, and much, much more.

You have to start now. Delay no longer, and become a part of this great habit to help your skiing!


Virtual Coaching is for All Levels

Now that Virtual Coaching has been available since the beginning of the summer, I'm fielding a lot of questions from people who are wondering when is the best time to use the service. There's also some question as to what level you should be on before you try waterski coaching.
Whether you're a free skier in Canada, a Big Dog Contender, or just running buoys in the course, getting assistance from a professional coach can be instrumental in your success. Learning the best techniques early in your development as a skier will pay dividends in the long run.
You'll be amazed what these coaches can pick up on just by watching a little bit of video. You really just need one set, a few passes -- to make a big impact in your own skiing.


Mike Kusiak Added to PSC Pros

Mike Kusiak waterski coachSending a shout out to Mike Kusiak--the newest addition to our growing arsenal of Pro Ski Coaches that are available to you.


Congrats to Chris Rossi, Open Men's National Champion

        DETAILS OF RESULTS AND PLACEMENTS       AS OF  19:44  08-11-2009


1 ROSSI, CHRISTOPHE 32 OVIEDO, FL 3.00 581025 117.00 O 1303.8
2 PARRISH, CHRIS 29 LAKE ALFRED, FL 2.00 581025 116.00 O 1263.0
3 BROWN, MARCUS 29 OROVILLE, CA 5.00 581075 113.00 O 1146.2
4 TRAVERS, JONATHAN 20 GROVELAND, FL 3.50 581075 111.50 O 1091.0
5 HUMBURG, COREY E 23 BETHESDA, MD 2.50 581075 110.50 O 1055.4


Rossi Takes Bronze, 2009 World Championships

Congratulations are in order for Chris Rossi, as he placed a consistent 3rd at the World Championships over the weekend. 2011 it is.

Chris Rossi, Waterski Coach
Photo by Murray Mortson


FifteenOff.com Nails It

Last weekend I took the time to give Joel Hughes a virtual slalom lesson. Hopefully with this sort of press out in the open, more and more folks out there will start to try out virtual coaching.

After a year's worth of experience with conducting virtual slalom lessons over the internet, we've brought an organized structure in place for pro skiers to tutor amateurs.

If you're using My Ski Log, then you're half way there. Logging your sets is a huge advantage. Showing your logged sets to a top pro for their advice? Archiving this information all for instant access from anywhere over the internet? An even larger advantage?

Thanks to Joel from FifteenOff.com for a great review.

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