Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ski Log Analytics

Eight months into the launch of, we've logged over 4,500 sets. The number keeps on getting bigger every day!

Despite how many people are getting into the necessary habbit of logging their ski sets, there are still an unreasonable number of Pro Ski Coach members out there who still don't log their sets -- Or even worse, folks who haven't even set up their Free Ski Log!

Sure, you're busy -- but with an entire season's worth of sets logged in our database, next year we will be debuting Ski Log Analytics, which will let you search and assess your sets from 2009. If you're not logging your sets already, start today for free!

By 2010, you'll be able to check what your average fin settings were, your fin settings in differnent water temps, air temps, and conditions, what your average score was in those conditions, and much, much more.

You have to start now. Delay no longer, and become a part of this great habit to help your skiing!


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