Downtown Milwaukee Pro Event Gaining Steam

vetrans_park_goog_earthI'm happy to report that all systems are GO for the most highly anticipated pro water ski event that our community has seen in years: The 2010 Milwaukee Pro Event [official event title forthcoming]. Here's what Dana Reed, director of Pro Slalom Events, had to say:

The Milwaukee County Parks and Recreation has scheduled a cancer walk-a-thon in conjuction with our event on the same site with expectations of 3,000-5,000 participants. There will be lots of additional things going on during this event from show skiing, freestyle jumping, barefooting, ect. Milwaukee County wants to build this into the largest waterski event in the US and beyond. Announcements on schedule of events will be coming soon.

The dates are August 6-7 Friday and Saturday, with a Saturday nite finals

Milwaukee Skyline over Juneau Park PondFortunately, Malibu Boats has stepped up to the plate as the official towboat sponsor for this event.

At this point, the event stands approximately $60,000 short in sponsorship funding. We have every hope of adding Women's Slalom and Jump to the event, but as it stands, only Men's Jump and Slalom are scheduled. If your business is interested in becoming a part of what will become a regular event during Milwaukee's Summers, please get in touch with [email protected] to learn about sponsorship opportunities.


ProSkiCoach now on Flikr

After a weekend of doing some snow skiing in Salt Lake City, my first task back this week was to get all of he pictures off of my computer.

My 2004 Power Book that has been powering most of the ProSkiCoach site for the last few years is standing, quite wobbly, with a cane, on it's last legs. It could go down at any time. So I decided to take out as many birds with one stone as possible.

You can check out a menagerie of photos on Flikr, if you're totally bored. I think I uploaded nearly a gigabyte from the past several years. There's a lot of waterskiing from SkiTek, a lot of biking from around the country, and some other random stuff.

So, if you have absolutely nothing better to do, scope it out.

In the future I'll be adding any photos I take to the Pro Ski Coach Flikr Page, so you'll be able to scope them out with just a few clicks.


FinamaJig Now Available Through H2Osmosis

FinamaJigThe latest slalom geek tool, the FinamaJig is now available for purchase! You can get your FInamaJig exclusively through H2Osmosis.

The FinamaJig lets you save and reproduce fin settings in seconds. The FinamaJig is a great way to set up a new ski with your old ski's fin settings, or set a friend's ski to your saved settings.

Currently, the adjustable FinamaJig is available. Later this summer, FinamaJig Modules will become available. These plastic pieces will pop into your existing adjustable FinamaJig. The modules will come pre set with which ever fin setting you are interested in, such as factory settings, or a specific professional's recommended settings.

The FinamaJig is Pro Ski Coach LLC's first fin tuning tool brought to market. It currently works with HO, Radar, D3, Goode, and Connelly skis.


Marcus Brown Live Chat Number 4

Last night Marcus hosted his fourth webchat here at Pro Ski Coach. The new time of 6PM Pacific, 9PM Eastern looks like it will become the norm for the time being, so mark your calendar for the following few Monday Nights!

This week, we changed up the format a little bit. Dave Wingerter was this week's guest co-host. Marcus kicked off by chatting with Dave about his life, how he grew up skiing, and his work as Brand Manager and head of Research and Development for HO Sports.

Towards the end of the Show, Marcus talked about the Tortise and the Hare West Coast Slalom Discussion, and finished up with questions from the chatbox.

We're still working out all the kinks in this new internet broadcast, so we got off to a little bit of a late start. The webcast was also split into two pieces:

Be sure to catch next week's chat, which baring any technical difficulties, will have Seth Stisher from H2Osmosis co-hosting from Costa Rica!

Catch the next show Monday night at 6PM Pacific, 9PM Eastern. (that's 8PM Central, 6PM Mountain time!) For those of you from overseas, sorry about the scheduling, but we'll have the recorded program available.


Jan 25 Live Chat 6PM Pacific

Marcus Brown will be hosting another live Fireside Video Chat tonight
at 6PM Pacific, that's 9PM Eastern time.



You Know You're a Skier When...

->You sit around during the winter, compiling lists of how you know you're a skier, when...

  • The depth of the garage and slope of the driveway are major factors in any home purchase
  • You're better at predicting weather than actual meteorologists
  • You find yourself calculating "whether a course will fit" in every borrow pit and pond you pass while driving
  • You've used a doorway at home or at work for some sort of lean drill
  • You've practiced your reach while pushing the lawn mower - JHughes
  • You will take trade two hours out of your day for 15 minutes of actual ski time and consider it the best two hours of the day
  • You wake up earlier when on vacation than when you are working -tjo
  • You are on this ProSkiCoach.com at least twenty five times a day -Pl0tz
  • Your Boat is a 2005 and your truck is a 1995! -h2odawg79
You Know You're a Skier, When... Add Your Reason!


Scoring the Summer Shootout League


Next Fireside Ski Chat Monday, January 25

Marcus Brown is a little scattered this week during travel, so we're going to plan the next live Ski Chat for next Monday night.

We're still evolving this new offering, and we're committed to make it the best it can be. We've had several forum discussions about Marcus' live chat series. If you haven't given us your thoughts yet, please Go For It.

So check in Monday, January 25 at 5PM Pacific, 8PM Eastern to join the chat!


Monday Night Ski Chat

With the end of Monday Night Football, some of you might be at a loss for something to do tomorrow evening.

So Marcus Brown is going to be hosting the third in his series of Live Web Chats at 5PM Pacific, 8PM Eastern tomorrow Night, Monday January 18th.

Marcus is going to be heading up to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where Jamie Beauchesne and Richard Ableson have been snow skiing for the past few weeks.

So it should be a great chat, both for slalom skiers, trick skiers, and just everyone in general. Take some time out of your monday evening to check it out!

Log in to the ChatBox to participate!


2010 Summer Shootout League

I'm excited to announce the latest section of ProSkiCoach.com: The 2010 Summer Shootout League.

Sign up, create a team, and compete with your friends and other skiers from all over the world this summer in an online ski tournament! To be scored, all you have to do is join the league and log your sets in MySkiLog.

Check it out: Online Water Ski League
Talk about it: Water Ski Forum Post

You'll have have a Power User Subscription to participate!


Become a Power User

Pro Ski Coach Power User
Last week we rolled out the ability to become a PSC Power User.

I've heard from several skiers that they want to help support the website, which is a real encouragement. A lot of folks are improving and learning from our community, and I'm happy that it's worked out this way. Luckily people realize that it's not free to run the site, and it does take a lot of work. So I really appreciate the requests to help out.

I didn't just want to open things up for donations -- I want to give you something in return. So, You can now subscribe to ProSkiCoach.com for $1 per week. Your subscription will help keep me motivated to improve the site more and more.

I'm also excited to make another announcement in the near future about the first Power-User only feature.

Read More about Becoming a Power User


Introducing USAWSAWB

USA Water Ski and Wake Board
USAWSAWB (pronounced, "you-saws-aub") is considering the final official name change that they will likely need to undergo before complete self destruction. With atleast 3 executive directors since 2005 and an extremely high office turnover rate, the organization is clearly in distress, and has no clue how to fix their problems.

If USAWSAWB was a football team, it would be up for sale.

Letter by Jim Grew about Changing USA Water Ski To USA Water Ski And Wake Board

I'm just glad to see that absent from this proposal is how it will affect or improve membership satisfaction from the folks like myself that have been giving them $70 per year in order to be able to pay for tournament entry fees.

It's better to do one thing really, really well, instead of trying to do too many things and do them all poorly.

And if we went ahead and surveyed all the wake boarders out there (who already have their own governing bodies) they would say "Why the F is AWSA getting involved?"

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