Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Introducing USAWSAWB

USA Water Ski and Wake Board
USAWSAWB (pronounced, "you-saws-aub") is considering the final official name change that they will likely need to undergo before complete self destruction. With atleast 3 executive directors since 2005 and an extremely high office turnover rate, the organization is clearly in distress, and has no clue how to fix their problems.

If USAWSAWB was a football team, it would be up for sale.

Letter by Jim Grew about Changing USA Water Ski To USA Water Ski And Wake Board

I'm just glad to see that absent from this proposal is how it will affect or improve membership satisfaction from the folks like myself that have been giving them $70 per year in order to be able to pay for tournament entry fees.

It's better to do one thing really, really well, instead of trying to do too many things and do them all poorly.

And if we went ahead and surveyed all the wake boarders out there (who already have their own governing bodies) they would say "Why the F is AWSA getting involved?"


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