Sunday, January 24, 2010

You Know You're a Skier When...

->You sit around during the winter, compiling lists of how you know you're a skier, when...

  • The depth of the garage and slope of the driveway are major factors in any home purchase
  • You're better at predicting weather than actual meteorologists
  • You find yourself calculating "whether a course will fit" in every borrow pit and pond you pass while driving
  • You've used a doorway at home or at work for some sort of lean drill
  • You've practiced your reach while pushing the lawn mower - JHughes
  • You will take trade two hours out of your day for 15 minutes of actual ski time and consider it the best two hours of the day
  • You wake up earlier when on vacation than when you are working -tjo
  • You are on this at least twenty five times a day -Pl0tz
  • Your Boat is a 2005 and your truck is a 1995! -h2odawg79
You Know You're a Skier, When... Add Your Reason!


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