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It's a blustery day here in Florida - with most ski lakes blown out I've been hard at work pushing waterskiing in the right direction.

The latest thing that I have to share with you is something that will actually help you share with each other. It's called Spray -- where the most important links on the page get sprayed up to the top!

You can check it out here: Spray Water Ski Links

As you can see, it's still in Beta, and likely will be for a while. You'll need to create a new username and password if you'd care to sign in and Spray some links -- but this process is painless and will take you 30 seconds tops.

Once you've created an account, you can submit and spray water ski links from around the web. Find a cool new video? Spray it. Have a forum topic somewhere on the internet that you think is helpful? Spray it. By submitting and spraying links, you'll help everyone else find the coolest stuff to check out about water skiing online.

Spray Updates Live As soon as you submit a link to Spray, it will be promoted to the Upcomming Page. If it gets enough sprays and clicks, then it will be pushed up to the front page.

There's some pretty cool software running that should keep things from getting stuck on the home page -- so once we have you contributing your favorite water ski links, this should be a great place to find and spray information.

Grow the Sport!



HO/Hyperlite Returns to OWC

After a couple seasons on hiatus, HO Sports / Hyperlite has regained their 'stomping grounds' of the Orlando Water Sports Complex.

Performance Ski and Surf features a pro shop @ OWC, as well as one of the world's most famous Cable Parks. In the past the site has been host to a variety of watersports events, such as the inaugural Wake Ski Open, the Pro Water Ski Tour, the Byerly Toe Jam as well as myriad Pro Wakeboard Contests.

HO's excited about the move, so I guess you should be too!


Water Skiing meets Juneau Park Lagoon

Wednesday, October 14, a day history was made.

For the last two years, Joe Woelfe (co-captain @ Florida Southern, '03) and I have been slowly lubing the gears of local government towards a downtown pro event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Any skier who has driven by this lagoon has wished they could ski there one day.

Water Skiing at Juneau Park Pond

Up until yesterday, to anyone's knowledge there had never been a powerboat on the lake, much less water skiing. Joel Hughes from FifteenOff.com trailered his boat and slalom course in to town. We dropped the boat in without any problems, checked out the lake, installed the course, and skied it.

Water Skiing at Juneau Park Pond

The only site that can come close to comparing to the exposure that Water Skiing will get in Milwaukee is at the Yarra River in downtown Melbourne, Australia. Mark your calendars now for August 6th - this will be the event in 2010 that you don't want to miss! The finals are planned for Saturday night, with qualifying on Friday.

Milwaukee is a great city with plenty to do. All the details are still in the works, but we're planning on a festival environment akin to the Worlds in Calgary, with local bands and beers available on site.

There are also paddle boats available for rental in the lagoon -- what better way could there to be to see your favorite pro skiers do what they do best?

Milwaukee Water Skiing Photo Gallery

Wade Williams skis Juneau Park Pond in Milwaukee, WI


Testing Juneau Park Pond Next Week

Taking it on the road this weekend - heading up to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We've got some meetings scheduled for Tuesday morning with potential Pro Water Ski Tour sponsors -- and then on Wednesday, Joel Hughes from FifteenOff.com is heading up with his Nautique and his Portable Slalom Course for a dry run on Juneau Park Pond.

Juneau Park Pond

As far as anyone knows, the lake hasn't ever been skied on... which is why we need a test day before the Pro Tour heads there next summer. For all we know, there could be massive stumps underwater... but with any luck it will be a total success. If you're in the area, feel free to drop next Wednesday -- we'll test the boat ramp, the lake, and install the slalom course. If all goes smoothly, we should be all done by early afternoon.


Chris Parrish 1.5@43 Goode Video

Today's video comes from Goode Skis. A cool interview with the world record holder followed by the video of his 2nd 1.5@43 on the Goode ski. Scope it out on Pro Ski Coach!

Slalom World Record Holder Chris Parrish


Milwaukee Pro Event, 2010

I'm very excited to announce that as I type this, the official meeting is going down in Milwaukee regarding the most epic Pro Tour Event in recent history.

If all goes smoothly, the event will take place during Summefest - the World's Largest Music Festival, in the most epic downtown location the sport has ever seen -- rivaled only by the Moomba Masters in Melbourne, Australia.

It gives me goosebumps to just think about!


The meeting was a huge success. We'll be dropping in a slalom course and a boat to make a dry run this month. I'll have pictures and maybe some video when we do it. The shorelines are perfect - the spectator area is perfect, there's plenty of room for vendors... And it's straight up downtown.

Did I mention Summerfest?


Terry Winter Added to PSC Pros

Proud to announce that Terry WinterProfessional Water Skier and Coach Terry Winter is the latest additional to the Pro Skiers and Coaches you have to choose from when you get a Virtual Coaching Lesson


New Tunes for your Playlist

In the past few days, it seems like most skiers in the US and Canada have experienced the rapid onset of the fall season. I hopped on a train in Salt Lake City at about 3:30AM on Tuesday morning and rode it for 26 hours -- following the Colorado River, up and over the Continental Divide, down through Denver and into Omaha, Nebraska - the communications hub of the US. With so many fiber-optic lines running through here, the internet connection is just about as fast as you can experience.

Now that I'm more stationary and have an internet connection, I was psyched to read some stunning reviews of our virtual coaching service! I'm glad to see that people are finally talking about this out in the open.

I just spent the last few minutes linking up a number of songs on the New Music Playlist thread on our Water Ski Forum. Download some songs and upgrade that playlist!

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