Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Tunes for your Playlist

In the past few days, it seems like most skiers in the US and Canada have experienced the rapid onset of the fall season. I hopped on a train in Salt Lake City at about 3:30AM on Tuesday morning and rode it for 26 hours -- following the Colorado River, up and over the Continental Divide, down through Denver and into Omaha, Nebraska - the communications hub of the US. With so many fiber-optic lines running through here, the internet connection is just about as fast as you can experience.

Now that I'm more stationary and have an internet connection, I was psyched to read some stunning reviews of our virtual coaching service! I'm glad to see that people are finally talking about this out in the open.

I just spent the last few minutes linking up a number of songs on the New Music Playlist thread on our Water Ski Forum. Download some songs and upgrade that playlist!


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