Thursday, October 15, 2009

Water Skiing meets Juneau Park Lagoon

Wednesday, October 14, a day history was made.

For the last two years, Joe Woelfe (co-captain @ Florida Southern, '03) and I have been slowly lubing the gears of local government towards a downtown pro event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Any skier who has driven by this lagoon has wished they could ski there one day.

Water Skiing at Juneau Park Pond

Up until yesterday, to anyone's knowledge there had never been a powerboat on the lake, much less water skiing. Joel Hughes from trailered his boat and slalom course in to town. We dropped the boat in without any problems, checked out the lake, installed the course, and skied it.

Water Skiing at Juneau Park Pond

The only site that can come close to comparing to the exposure that Water Skiing will get in Milwaukee is at the Yarra River in downtown Melbourne, Australia. Mark your calendars now for August 6th - this will be the event in 2010 that you don't want to miss! The finals are planned for Saturday night, with qualifying on Friday.

Milwaukee is a great city with plenty to do. All the details are still in the works, but we're planning on a festival environment akin to the Worlds in Calgary, with local bands and beers available on site.

There are also paddle boats available for rental in the lagoon -- what better way could there to be to see your favorite pro skiers do what they do best?

Milwaukee Water Skiing Photo Gallery

Wade Williams skis Juneau Park Pond in Milwaukee, WI


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