Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spray Your Favorite Water Ski Links

It's a blustery day here in Florida - with most ski lakes blown out I've been hard at work pushing waterskiing in the right direction.

The latest thing that I have to share with you is something that will actually help you share with each other. It's called Spray -- where the most important links on the page get sprayed up to the top!

You can check it out here: Spray Water Ski Links

As you can see, it's still in Beta, and likely will be for a while. You'll need to create a new username and password if you'd care to sign in and Spray some links -- but this process is painless and will take you 30 seconds tops.

Once you've created an account, you can submit and spray water ski links from around the web. Find a cool new video? Spray it. Have a forum topic somewhere on the internet that you think is helpful? Spray it. By submitting and spraying links, you'll help everyone else find the coolest stuff to check out about water skiing online.

Spray Updates Live As soon as you submit a link to Spray, it will be promoted to the Upcomming Page. If it gets enough sprays and clicks, then it will be pushed up to the front page.

There's some pretty cool software running that should keep things from getting stuck on the home page -- so once we have you contributing your favorite water ski links, this should be a great place to find and spray information.

Grow the Sport!



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