Skier's Development Wins 2010 Top Blog Award

Happy to report that a phone call came in today to inform me that our site has won an award for 2010 Top Extreme Sports Blog. Awards are cool!


Jeff Gilbert Shares His Driving Tips

Pro Tour Driver and Official Jeff Gilbert shares his Slalom Boat Driving Tips in our latest article. Jeff's article is a great drill down for high end slalom boat driving. If you haven't taken the time to read through the Slalom Boat Driving section, you're missing out.

It's excellent to work as hard on your boat driving as you do on your skiing. Without the skills necessary to keep the boat straight down the middle and in a good rhythm with the skier, you're going to have a hard time finding ski partners. The shorter that you go, the more of a difference the boat driving makes.

Your understanding of how to drive the boat well can help you better to comprehend what you need to do when you're on the other end of the rope, as well. Constantly striving for more knowledge and understanding of every facet of our sport is what will give you the most opportunity to learn more and ultimately apply those lessons to your own skiing.


New Hampshire Takes Week 7

The Summer Shootout League got a face lift last week as we brought you more comprehensive information of your team and each individual skier's performance during each week.

I'm excited to keep evolving our league into something that will have an even higher level of participation, causing more excitement on urban and public water ways.

You guys -- you can compete from home!

Week 7 Top Three:
7.25 New Hampshire Long Pondering
6.96 Midwest Rippers
5.69 Slalom Snipers

This means that on average the skiers from NH skied about 7 buoys better than their average last week. That's skiing anyone would be happy with!

New for week 8 is a recalculated average. For the remainder of the year we're going off your 4 best scores from skiing in the Summer Shootout. This should level out the playing field even more.

After 7 weeks, here are the season leaders:

New Hampshire 40.66
Slalom Snipers 38.09
Trophy Clam Jammers 35.94
Team GB 32.49
Canadian Buoy Killers 27.22
Utah Slalom Slashers 27.09
Berkely Wed. Night Ski League 19.31
Gotham City Slalom 18.77
South Carolina H2Oz Skiers 17.36
Midwest Rippers 17.35


2010 Malibu Open Video

Uploading a few videos each day from last week's Malibu Open. Powerusers have unlimited access. Thanks for your support!

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