Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Summer Shootout Team Tournament of Champions

No Ski League is complete without it's own Championship Event. USAWS Has Nationals, NCWSA Has All-Stars, INT Has Championships... and the Summer Shootout League has the Team Tournament of Champions (name under review).

What is this?

The Top Teams at the end of the Summer Shootout Will be Invited to Participate in a Team Championship Tournament. The Team Tournament is tentatively set for the weekend of September 24, 2010 at the H2Osmosis Training Center in Charleston, SC. Details are in the works, but it will be a multiple-round elimination tournament featuring the best 2-4 teams from the Summer Shootout.

There are already teams from New Hampshire, South Carolina, Georgia, Canada, and Utah. There's been interest from California, Oregon, Michigan, Tennesee and Minnesota... as well as the Midwest and Toronto.

The Summer Shootout League is scored by a handicapping system that awards skiers who are able to improve their scores from week to week. The league exists for you to have fun with your friends, outside the formality of USAWS-style competitions. Let's have some fun, get excited about skiing, and grow the sport in the process.

So get your Power User subscription, dial in your ski log, and create or join a team today!. The clock is ticking until the league kicks off May 31st.


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