Monday, February 8, 2010

How the Summer Shootout League Works

We're still working out the details for this Summer's team ski league event. Here's what we're thinking so far. Please give us feedback on the Summer Shootout Forum.

-> Individuals will be scored based on their performance over their Ski Log Average, or SLA.
-> Any skier without a Ski Log Average (SLA) will have their SLA set after the first week of skiing. This means that if you don't have a SLA, your first week's score will be a zero.
-> If you ski above your SLA, you'll have a positive score. If you don't ski up to your potential, you'll have a negative score.

-> To Compete, you'll have to ski in a local Shootout Event.
-> Anyone can organize a Summer Shootout Event - you just need at least 3 skiers.
-> You can organize your shootout for any time of the week, at whatever site you want.
-> USAWS, INT League, or other organized ski tournaments may count as Shootout Events
-> Skiers at a Shootout Event don't have to be on the same team, but they can be.
-> Each skier will need to ski in a Shootout Event to get their weekly score.
-> If you can't make a Shootout Event, we'll dock your score 5% for skiing by yourself.
-> To remove the incentive to ski on a pristine public lake, we'll award a Handicap Differential to any Shootout Event in which all the skiers average below their SLA. So if the conditions are a factor, we'll balance this out.

-> Team scores will be composed of the best individual's scores on each team. So if a skier on your team can't get a set in, or skis poorly in any one week, the rest of your team can pick up the slack.

-> Anyone can create or join a team. We're encouraging regional teams, but the league is open to anyone.

-> You have to be a Power User to participate.


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