Thursday, May 6, 2010

Obama Administration Receives Invitation to Water Ski

I always have a mineature panic attack any time I get a phone call from a "UNKNOWN" phone number. Caller ID these days usually gives you a good heads up of who's on the other line before you answer... but these Unknown and Restricted numbers always make you do a double take. Have I payed my Credit Card bill? Is my bank account overdrawn?

This was my train of thought when I recevied one such call from, UNKNOWN. Turns out that the call came from the White House. They were looking for one Corey Humburg. I was instructed that the Obama Administration has received his invitation for the President to come rip a set at Corey's new Ski School in Virginia, Peace Love and Water Skiing. Should any time become available during the duration of the President's term, he'll be psyched to come hit the water


Unknown said...

Holy Crap! That's awesome! The thing is I think he would make a pretty decent slalom skier, given the time to put into it. Come on my friend! By the way, if the White House would like to call me personally, my number is 240.498.7033 and I will answer "UNKNOWN" callers!

Peace, Love & Waterskiing!

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