Tuesday, March 3, 2009

That Growling in your Stomach... Updates Forthcoming

With a cold front blowing through Florida this weekend, the wind has been whipped up and the temperatures plummeted. The water temp at SKitEk is hovering around 65 degrees, ready to shift in any direction that the whether tells it to.

IN the meantime, ski log updates are coming one after another at PSKIC.com if you look hard enough. Looking to upgrade the main site later on this week.

The Skis Database has taken off to a level I never really intended it to. We've got folks adding skis daily, which is a great problem to have. Last week we added our 200th Ski to the DB. This has driven us to excel into new territory. Stay tuned to Pro Ski Coach when we release the new Skis Section later this week. You'll be able to find recommended settings for over 125 of the most popular slalom skis... and you'll even be able to write your very own review on your ski. Sick!!


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