Saturday, March 21, 2009

Introducing the new Skis Section

Newly uploaded (and available now!) is the new Skis Section. This is the final product of the Skis Database that we started last year. So far we have nearly every late model ski available in the database.

In this new section, we are offering a Comprehensive Slalom Ski Guide that includes our recommended settings for each ski, plus Pro Ski Coach user-generated Slalom Ski Reviews and Ratings.

You can rate each ski from 1 to 6 buoys. This is just a rating system, this has nothing to do with how many buoys you might ski on the ski :-).

If you're logged in with your account, you can write your own review of your ski. In the future this will be come a great resource for prospective ski buyers.

The recommended settings that you can find in the skis section are, for the most part, manufacturer's recommended settings. In a few distinct cases, for example the 2008 F1, we're recommending our own settings. In the future we will be offering highest user-ranked settings and also average settings for the folks out there who are using My Ski Log to record their settings.

So, you see, we've been pretty busy this winter!

If you haven't started a ski log yet, go ahead and get on that! Adding your settings to your log will help us give better recommended settings in the future!


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