Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Diablo Shores Live Webcast This Weeekend

We'll be featuring this weekend's live MasterCraft Pro Tour webcast in our Water Ski Forum. This weekend is the second-to-last MasterCraft Pro Event for 2009, the Diablo Shores Pro Am. Diablo Shores, in Brentwood CA, hosts the longest continually running MasterCraft Pro Tour stop.

Last year at this event, Karina Nowland tied the women's world slalom record at 1@41 off -- a feat that hadn't been accomplished since Kristi Overton set the mark, before speed control was a tournament standard! With Regina Jaquess tying the world record mark twice this season, it should make for an extremely exciting Open Women's event!

Chris Parrish has been skiing out of his head ever since he switched to Goode Skis, tying his world record twice this past weekend.

But there are plenty of other big guns set to do battle at Diablo Shores. Chris Rossi took home his first pro event victory from the Princess Pro Am just a few short weekends ago... and Will Asher has had a stellar year so far, winning the Masters and the Michigan MasterCraft Pro Event.

Not to be forgotten are Jamie Beauchesne and Nick Parsons... as well as European Champ Thomas Degasperi. All have the potential to get all the way through 41 off.

With so many high caliber skiers traveling to Diablo Shores this weekend, the probability of a new Mens' World Slalom Record seems imminent.

Tune into our Live Chat during the webcast this weekend. We will have Webcast-TV embeded at the top of the forum, for easy viewing from any page. Stop by and join the conversation, we may see some records fall together!


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