Sunday, September 13, 2009

Diablo Shores Webcast and Live Chat

After a few exciting preliminary rounds today, the pros are set to do battle in the head-to-head format this morning at Diablo Shores in Brentwood, California.

Regina Jaquess and Will Asher both earned the top seeds yesterday. The top 8 average scores were chosen from the 2 preliminary rounds. The top 8 skiers are seeded into a bracket, and will have to defeat their opponent in order to advance to the next round. After 2 rounds of skiing yesterday, this format adds an endurance dimension to today's competition -- not only do you have to ski the best, but you have to be consistent over a lot of sets in order to win today's events.

You can check out the brackets and make your predictions here for today's winners!

Here's how it shaped up:

1. Regina Jaquess
2. Whitney McClintock
3. Karen Truelove
4. April Coble
5. Breanne Wagner
6. Jill Knutson
7. Karina Nowlan
8. Rhoni Bischoff

1. Will Asher
2. Chris Parrish
3. Jamie Beauchesne
4. Thomas Degasperi
5. Chris Rossi
6. Carlos Allais
7. Terry Winter
8. Marcus Brown

We'll be broadcasting the webcast online in our live chat room today - stop by and watch the action, chat about it with other skiers, and stay informed as the Diablo Shores Webcast heats up!


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