Sunday, September 13, 2009

Diablo Shores Pro Am Champions: Parrish, Truelove, Mapple, Scott

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Part I

In an amazing show that was put together by Greg Badal and help from uncountable numbers of Water Ski Legends, the Diablo Shores Pro Am of 2009 is an event that we will remember as one of the most spectacular shows in recent Pro Skiing History.

A star studded line up featured the sport's greats -- not just of the modern era, but also of yesteryear, as Andy Mapple defeated Bob Lapoint in a final that gave you goosebumps to watch. "Any day you beat both LaPoints you have to count yourself lucky," Map-Skis said over the webcast on multiple occasions. Bob and Kris LaPoint both participated in the event, trading best scores back and forth over the four rounds that they skied. It was amazing to watch.

Not to be outdone, the Open Men and Women both had some spectacular scores. Whitney McClintock was the favorite heading into the event, after winning the World Championships in her home country of Canada last month. An early fall in the head to head against Karen Truelove put Whit out of the running for the final. The top seed, Regina Jaquess, who scored an incredible 4.5@39 in the preliminary rounds, skied first against Karen Truelove in the head to head final. After a solid 1 and a huge lean from 2-3, Regina got her ski out around 3 at 39 off, before taking a spectacular fall. With a score of 2.25 put out there for Karen Truelove to beat, those of us watching the webcast from the Pro Ski Coach Live Chat Room were all convinced that Regina was taking home yet another pro victory for herself. Karen Truelove had an amazing start at 39, and skied all the way around 3 and got back to the wakes for the full score.

On the Men's side, the competition was more fierce. Carlos Allais from Italy got through the preliminary round on Saturday, scoring a 4.5@39 and a 1@39 -- good enough to match him up against Jamie Beauchesne for the first round. Jamie let Carlos ski first, and when Carlos couldn't get to 4, Jamie skied around it and went back to the dock ready to ski again.

Chris Rossi, who had podiumed in every event he entered this season was in the toughest matchup of the preliminary round, against Thomas Degasperi. T-Gas took an early fall out of 3 at 39, and left the door open for Chris to ski around 4@39 in order to advance -- which he did.

In the Head to Head Semi-Finals, Chris Parrish was matched up against Jamie Beauchesne. This epic, timeless battle has been raging on the Pro Tour for years. After a hard weekend of skiing already, Jamie managed to make 5 full turns at 39 off -- but it wasn't enough to take out CP, fresh of a pair of world-record-tying scores last week. CP managed 5.5@39, taking out JB.

After a long weekend of Webcasting, I need to step away from the computer -- but I'll be sure to be back soon and finish the story. Thanks for reading!

Part II

So what have we now... We've got CP, beating JB, advancing to the final -- but what else could go down first? Chris Rossi, after taking out Thomas Degasperi, took a boat ride back to the dock just in time to meet up with none other than Will Asher. Will decided to ski first against Chris. At the time, the decision looked like it might have been the wrong one. Rossi was fresh off his win against Degasperi -- Chris had been in or on the water for about 7 or 8 minutes already... it was the finals, but coming back to the dock after a victory and being thrust right back into competition can be a little nerve racking. Either way, Will decided to give Rossi the extra minute off.
Will cleaned up his 35 pass, and Chris did the same. Pass for pass they went up and down the lake, up to 41 off. Here's where Will's decision looked smarter. Skiing first allowed him the chance to go put the score out there -- and he did -- scoring 3@41 off.
Chris Rossi has been extrodinarily consistent this year, scoring 3@41 at Okeeheelee Park in May, at the Masters LCQ in May, beating out Parrish in a head to head in Michigan with the same 3@41, Winning Nationals with 3@41, and winning the Prince's Pro Am with 3@41... but we haven't seen the Rossi get to 4 ball. And Will knew it. Chris skied inside 2, and that was it for him.

With all but the podium decided at this point, we got a bonus treat to see Rossi and Jamie Beauchesne square off -- both skiers got through their 39... Jamie got to 2.5, and Rossi skied inside 3, taking himself off the podium for the first time this season.

The only thing left to do on this day was decide the champion. Will wisely skied first, electing to put the pressure on Parrish to beat him. Will probably had the most consistent turn at 1@41 of any skier -- I think he turned 1@41 every round with a near tight line. It took every ounce of strength that he had to ski just inside of 4.

With a 6'5" Chris Parrish skiing the best he has in years sitting in the water ready to go, we knew that Will had left the door open by skiing inside of 4. With a quick stretch by Parrish, he was outside of 4@41 enough to score the quarter buoy that he needed. Both fists in the air, CP dropped the handle and turned towards the crowd - Diablo Shores Pro Am Winner, for 2009.

Open Men's Slalom Head to Head Results | Open Women's Slalom Head to Head Results | Legends Slalom Head to Head Results


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