Monday, November 29, 2010

wetJacket, Pro Ski Coach and Your Ski Log

Here in the US, while we were all getting over our Turkey Hangovers last week, it seems some confusion has been mounting on the direction of Pro Ski Coach, and what this new thing called "wet jacket" is all about. So I'd like to dispel some confusion.

Pro Ski Coach was created to bridge a gap between Pro Skiers and the skiers out there who are not involved in water skiing at any significant level. For me, when I was growing up water skiing I was isolated - I was on a public lake with my family, none of which who were water skiers. This is the situation that Pro Ski Coach was really there to fill - if you didn't have a local guru to show you the path, maybe Pro Ski Coach could help.

As things have evolved over the years, multiple forums have cropped up all over the place. Knowledge is more and more available everywhere on the web. Although Pro Ski Coach has well over a million views just this year, I've sensed that it's time for a change. Some people are simply adverse to being coached, and in order to grow a change is needed.

Over the coming weeks you'll start to see some major changes here @ PSC. We'll be revamping, simplifying, and getting back to the true meaning of this site -- which is to offer professional lessons from the best skiers and coaches in the business. The Pro Ski Coach Forum has a wealth of knowledge available -- and it will stay available. However, no new posts are being made on that forum and I'd suggest you move your conversations to the wetJacket Forum.

Your Ski Log is a great little ap that lets you log your sets and track your progress over time. We'll be continuing development on Your Ski Log this winter, along with the Summer Shootout league.

You don't need a wetJacket account to use Your Ski Log or to use our Online Coaching. This may change in the future, but for now, wetJacket is available as a place for skiers to connect, share, and learn on your own terms.


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