Monday, November 8, 2010

The Centurion Carbon Pro Helps You Drive Straighter

It's nice to see a major boat company bringing real innovation to the waterski market. MasterCraft, Malibu, and Correct Craft have led the pack for years.

Ski Centurion out of California has spent the last few years dominating the Wake Surfing market. They actually hosted the first annual Wake Surf World Championships on the Mississippi river in downtown Minneapolis this past summer.

This fall they debuted their new Carbon Pro, and I've got to say it's one thing that has me excited about water skiing for next year.

Carbon Pro

The brand New Centurion Ski Boat brings some of the most innovative featues to a ski boat since speed control. The cockpit features an adjustable Gunsight. The driver can adjust the sight to the left or right, giving each unique driver a way to sight straight down the starboard side gate line. While the best drivers in the world can handle keeping the boat straight on their own, your ski partner may not be. The gunsight makes it easy to keep the boat lined up.

Gunsight Adjust



Carbon Pro

The Centurion Carbon Pro has been approved by USA Water Ski to pull three event tournaments, and comes with the solid PCM Engine. Look forward to skiing behind this one at tournaments in 2011.


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