Friday, March 26, 2010

Utah Ski Season Kicks Off

By Carly Clifton

Carly Clifton water skiing Utah LakeYesterday was my 3 third water ski set in over a year, the water temperature was 48 degrees the air was only 55, I was in a drysuit, which I hate to wear, but was much needed. After taking a year off from water skiing, I have realized that the love for the sport has not left me, and I am still crazy about it and am willing to go out and ski in any conditions. It was sunny in the morning while we were out skiing and by 4 o'clock in the afternoon it was snowing. When we came out of the cove and onto Utah Lake to get back to the boat launch the wind had picked up to around 30 mph and there were 3 to 4 foot swells on the lake, it felt like we were on the ocean as the Malibu we were in was taking on water and we were all getting soaked, I was even a little scared we were going to capsize, it made for an adventure getting back.

carly2Even though the weather was a little cold, and we had to drive through an ocean to get home, yesterday was an awesome day in Utah, I met up with some veteran Utah water ski club members, Mark Chilcutt and Scot Chipman who allowed me to come out and get my first set of the season. It felt so good to be back out on the water, I personally was only doing some free skiing, while Mark Chilcutt was already out running 28 off and Scot Chipman was already running 35, it really made me want to get back into the course and start running buoys again, but I also wanted to save my body, and slowly get those water ski muscles back in shape. I am looking forward to skiing again this year with some great people out here in Utah, it's going to be pretty crazy here in a few days when Im snow skiing in the morning up at Alta and water skiing in the afternoons!!! I am joining the Utah team for the Pro Ski Coach Shoot out and this Utah team is going to be pumped and ready to go for the Charleston Event at the end of the year!


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