Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sumer Shootout Championship Format

We're discussing the format for the Summer Shootout Tournament of Champions.

It will be a multiple elimination tournament, held at H2Osmosis Training Center in Charleston, SC on the weekend of September 24. The tournament will be a multiple round elimination, featuring the top 2-6 teams, dependent on how many skiers we have on each team.

When the league starts May 31, teams with less than 6 skiers will be combined so that all the teams have a minimum of 6 skiers. So Invite your Friends to Join Your Team!

The top teams will have a chance to compete for the year-end title In Person. How we work the elimination is under discussion. We'll take the top skiers from each team to the finals.

But how many rounds should there be? One qualifying, another seeded round with the whole field, and then take the top skiers from the seeded round to the finals? Do you have a better idea? Post your thoughts at the Summer Shootout Championship Tournament thread.


tsixam said...

I think it´s a great idea. “Virtual” prelim rounds and then the final IRL. The finals will be nice to ski in, not just for the skiing but also to meet the real people behind the nicknames. I am sure there will be a great party after the competition as well.
Unfortunately I am on the wrong side of the Atlantic so it will be a little bit hard for me to participate. If I had been in the US at that time I surely would have come.

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