Thursday, December 10, 2009

This is 90% of who Water Skis

This video has been circulating around Water Ski enthusiasts on the internet since it went up a few weeks ago. Sure, it's halarious... and the kid who won even picked up a hefty sum of $65 -- that would rival some of the payouts on the pro water ski tour! Priceless that they make a big deal out of it and say the winner will be along for an interview in a moment. Gotta give these guys credit for doing exactly what most of us do at pro ski events -- all while just living it up and having a great time -- something that too many of us loose sight of in our quest for the highest tournament score or best USAWS rating... lame.

Watching this video really just makes you realize how silly our sport really is. I'll be pretty surprised if we ever reach the level of professionalism that free style skydiving or street lugeing has. Sometimes it's good to just sit back and laugh at yourself.

No wonder it's so hard to make a buck being a pro skier. This is what people think of us. Why should we argue otherwise? I hear track hoe skiing will be accepted as a new sport division by USAWS & the IWWF in 2010.


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