Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Skis Added Today

We've been getting a lot of new ski submissions for the database -- so keep 'em coming!

Newly added today were the 2005 HO Monza, the 2006 D3 Nomad, a few different Connelly Concepts, HO NOS (2008 & 2009) the 2008 Nomad RCX... and by the time I hit post on this message we probably will have a few more!

Also we added a few new ski pictures. We're always looking to expand the images collection so that all the skis can have their own image - if you see that we're missing something please let us know.

Also we had a question on the forum regarding using 2 skis at once. Some of you, for instance, might ski on two different models frequently. I've seen a number of skiers going with a wider ski at a little slower speed, and then a more traditionally shaped ski for their regular rip'ah.
In this case you still will only have one "active" ski at a time. Use your ski rack: to switch between skis when you swap them on your feet. This will be simplified in future updates, but for right now, it's important to make sure that your ski is selected before you log a set. Whatever ski is active when you log your set is going to be associated with that set that you log.

So remember, select your active ski before logging a new set!

Thanks for reading!


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