Friday, January 30, 2009

More Ski Log Updates, v 0.92 Release Notes

Just got finished with a fresh round of improvements on the My Ski Log.

=> Fixed Training Log Defaults. If you were a first-time user of the ski log, before this update you would have experienced a couple flukey issues if you attempted to set your defaults before you entered a set.

=> You are now redirected to the New Ski area when you first start using your ski log. The first thing to do is add your ski to the database if it isn't there already. You have to add a ski before you do anything else.

=> Upgraded Training Log & Ski Settings forms with a new style for easier input.

=> The 2006 HO Monza was added. I approved it in 66, 67, and 68 inches. Currently, there's no image for it. So if you happen to have a stock photo of the '06 Monza lying around, that would be helpful.

Next on the agenda is to clear up the ski-selection on that "Choose your Weapon" page. I have all the manufacturer's logos ready to go. For now, that big long list on your right is ordered by year and manufacturer.

Thanks for reading!


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